How to identify genuine leather ?

Touch the surface of the leather ugg boots uk, leather makes a smooth , soft and flexible feel , leather is astringent, poor flexibility ; chain : hands pull leather pull to the side , will not really Pilar deformation , leather is not the case ; olfactory taste: leather leather smell, but has a strong irritant leather plastic smell ; lit : from real leather and artificial leather tore back a little fiber , lit , any issue hair smell, hard lump that does not bear the dermis , where emit a pungent odor, is formed lump of leather . But now many of them are such as leather shoes painted . Or some words to be molded shoes in a shoe uppers shoe oil and the like. The surface of the shoes of no such identification method .

If you have been online shopping experience ugg boots uk sale footwear or accessories that may have been found websites selling counterfeit UGG products overwhelming , they use words such as " cheap UGG", " discount UGG", "UGG promotion " and other keywords to promote fake UGG products, or claiming to be "UGG store" or "UGG factory store ." Domain name such websites often contain UGG brand names or specific products contain hot links to product model . Such a network selling counterfeit UGG products constitutes a criminal offense even attempt to mislead consumers buy counterfeit UGG products. Consumers must be cautious before buying screening . Counterfeiters often in Taobao , pat network and other network platforms and forums on the sale of counterfeit UGG products. We have authentic UGG add security features for true and false identification .

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